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Is there any common Python tutorial that even a fool can understand?

2022-02-02 12:50:27 CSDN Q & A

bosses , I am a little white , It's a foreign trade dog , I just started learning Python, There is no basis , I can't understand a lot of information , Do you have the most elementary courses and materials ? For help !

You may not know , Our industry is also very voluminous , Many programmers have also switched to our industries , It's really dimension reduction , Just heard about a technology boss , Other people's technical cattle batch , I made a system myself . In this system , Build your own station with one click , One click selection ( The product data of other platforms have been climbed , And put it into the system database ), One click website products on and off the shelf , One click price adjustment , Onekey Google Shopping goods Feed Release updates , Onekey Google Ads Advertising creation , One click advertising and automatic rule control switch advertising 、 Plus budget , After the website issues an order , Onekey Dropshipping Place an order , One click synchronous shipment upload doc No., etc , It's all one click . Do it alone N Individual station , do N Individual products .
Really envy , Now I can only leave tears without technology . I don't know if it's time to learn programming ?[ Bitter ]
Great gods !

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As long as you work hard , There's nothing you can't learn .
Don't think about reading , course .
First look at the video .

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You can go to the rookie tutorial to see

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