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2022-02-02 14:53:19 CSDN Q & A

1. Cycle through the year , Output the number of days in this month , Until the year is entered 0 end . Write a program to realize , And a screenshot of the results ,
Save source code .

2. Write code , Count the number of occurrences of a letter in any input string , When the input is uppercase (A) And lowercase (a) when , Write it in the same letter , When entering non letters , The statistics are over .

3. For a one-dimensional array arr[10], Internal ten elements : In order is :22,55,88, 66, 33, 11,44,99, 77, 0
Please design the sorting code , Realize the output of array elements in order from large to small .

Refer to the answer 1:

Just judge whether it is a leap year ,2 The number of days in the month is one day away

Refer to the answer 2:

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