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Virtual reality combined with AR space

2022-02-02 19:10:10 CSDN Q & A

Hello everyone , I'm not a programmer , Just want to know programmers , I do marketing and operation , I want to know something similar to Huawei “ Not seen ”app The combination of virtual and reality AR Space , Need to find what kind of programmers can develop ?

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Development :unity3d Game engine development or fantasy 4 Engine development , These two types of engines support VR and AR Development
UI: Game art and 3d The modeler , To design space scenes and characters , Building models

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If you just do it AR app word , Android app You can find someone who has Google arcore Development experience Android Development ;ios app If so, find one who has made apples ar plug-in unit arkit Development of plug-ins ios Development ;
There are many mature in the market AR sdk And frames can be used , Very mature .
Find another one UI Designers help you design interfaces One 3d The modeler , Help you build some AR The model in the scene
If you are a meta universe , That's the recommendation above

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