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I don't understand very well. Can you explain it?

2022-02-02 19:20:01 CSDN Q & A

Edipse Memory Analyzer

One instance of

." loadedby "org.springframework.boot.loader.LaunchedURLClass oader @ 0x700900000"occupies 9,056,304 (18.93%) bytes. The memory is accumulated in one instance of"org.springframework.beans.factory support.DefaultL istableBeanFactory" loadedby "org.springframework.boot.loader.L aunchedURLClassLoader @ 0x700900000".


org.springframework. boot.loader.L aunchedURLClass oader @ istableBeanFactory

v Shortest Paths To the Accumulation Point 2

Class Name

] orq,springframework,beans.factorvsuppotDeaulsable BeanFactorva 0x701abe3

beanFactory org,springframework bootwebse rvlet contextAnnotatlonC ontoServletwebServerappicatonspntexe"L this$o orq,sprinqframeworkcontext supportAbstractApplicationContexts1 a 0x7014a3640 SpringContextshutaou

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Some normal prompts when the program starts , No error message .

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