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A node of database RAC cannot be accessed normally

2022-02-02 19:24:41 CSDN Q & A

To solve the process :
1. Log in to the operating system to check whether the database service is normal , Found no problem with the library .(select status from v$instance;)
2. Check the database alarm log and there is no exception
3. A special card is found when checking the monitoring status (lsnrctl status)
4. Trying to restart listening results failed to start (lsnrctl restart)
5. Check the listening log and find that the prompt port is occupied
6. Check the listening process and find that there are two processes ps -ef|grep LISTENER
7. Check the resource status and find that the listening status is offline(crs_stat -t)
8. End two listening processes (kill -9 )
9. Start listening succeeded

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