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RS485 access control signal transmission problem

2022-02-02 20:03:51 CSDN Q & A

Excuse me, ,rs485 Access control system , I use the computer board to detect that it is normal , After all connections, some boards can't transmit signals , Only a few of them can communicate normally , Break the back several , There is , Ask the great God for help and guidance , I am a novice

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Guess possible problems :
1.rs485 Link... Hand in hand , Use twisted pair ( If the electromagnetic signal is not good, use shielded wire );
2. Baud rate , If the distance is longer , Don't have a high baud rate , Optional 9600 Or a little lower ;
3.rs485 The time interval between half duplex transmission or reception , Multiple boards , When data is transmitted , You need to leave enough communication time , And when the computer sends data , Of all other boards RS485 Should be controlled to receive . Only one board can send data on the bus at a time , Please determine the timing of sending each board .

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