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Python, excuse me, what's the matter with Python

2022-02-02 20:07:54 CSDN Q & A

# Pictured , I want to type out the code of Figure 2 , But every time you knock x=int(input(2)) in the future , When you get back, one will come out 2, Want to go back and knock y=int(input(3)), An error will be reported in Figure 1 . How can I type it like a title .



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Don't write your content in input Inside. , That's the number the program reads from the keyboard
You write x=int(input()) All right.

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Lay a good foundation before learning other codes .
x=int(input()) It's your program , Input at the terminal after operation , It's not about entering something into the program

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You are now python The one I brought with me idle Run the code in , You could write it like this :


Or click the one in the upper left corner file , then new file, Enter the code , Save to a location , Then press F5 function ,


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