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Oracle12c invalid create index option

2022-02-02 20:14:01 CSDN Q & A

oracle12c Prompt when creating index invalid CREATE INDEX Options .

Client tools :datagrip

Create a table structure statement

-- Create table CREATE TABLE IT_EMPLAYEES ( EMPLOYEE_ID NUMBER(6) not null unique,    FIRST_NAME VARCHAR2(20),    LAST_NAME VARCHAR2(25) not null,    EMAIL VARCHAR2(25),    PHONE_NUMBER varchar2(20),    JOB_ID VARCHAR2(10),    SALARY NUMBER(8,2),    MANAGER_ID NUMBER(6));
create index it_lastname on IT_EMPLAYEES(LAST_NAME);

Running results


I ask you how to solve it ?

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The statement is no problem ,datagrip This client does not support .
navicat You can try it .


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adopt sql sentence Inquire about

select * from session_privs;

The query results are as follows 34 rows Yes CREATE ANY INDEX Authority


Giving users permission is dba jurisdiction ,
Error message Seems to be datagrip I won't support it create index The grammar is the same ?


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Indeed, the client does not support the current create index The problem of grammar , Another client successfully executed .


I don't know DATAGRIP Client's BUG

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Your current login user , Is there no permission to create an index ?

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