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If the folder of pod in k8s is mounted with data volume (persistent), the pod cannot be started. How to solve it?

2022-02-02 20:16:21 CSDN Q & A

background :
Cloud platform k8s Upper Department gitlab Code warehouse services , The folder where the code is stored needs to be persistent .
But once the directory where the code is stored is mounted on a persistent volume , be pod Can't start , And report an error :“changing ownership operation not permitted”. If you don't mount this directory , It can start normally .
Enter the container to view permissions , It is found that there is a permission problem with this folder , So we used "initContainers" To try to solve , But it failed : If in initContainers Using commands in , May be an error :“Back-off restarting failed container”; If the order does not apply , You have no permission to modify , Error or “changing ownership operation not permitted”.

Attached below is my deployment Of yaml:

kind: Deploymentmetadata:  name: gitlab  namespace: sga  labels:    name: gitlabspec:  replicas: 1  selector:    matchLabels:      name: gitlab  template:    metadata:      name: gitlab      creationTimestamp: null      labels:        name: gitlab    spec:      volumes:        - name: data          persistentVolumeClaim:            claimName: gitlab      initContainers:        - args:          - -c          - chmod 755 /home/git/data && chown 1000:1000 /home/git/data          command:          - /bin/sh          name: init-gitlab          image: 'centos'          resources: {}          volumeMounts:            - name: data              mountPath: /home/git/data          imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent          securityContext:            privileged: true            procMount: Default      containers:        - name: gitlab          image: 'samegitlab:11.8.1'          ports:            - name: http              containerPort: 80              protocol: TCP            - name: ssh              containerPort: 22              protocol: TCP          env:            - name: TZ              value: Asia/Kolkata            - name: GITLAB_TIMEZONE              value: Beijing            - name: GITLAB_SECRETS_DB_KEY_BASE              value: long-and-random-alpha-numeric-string            - name: GITLAB_SECRETS_SECRET_KEY_BASE              value: long-and-random-alpha-numeric-string            - name: GITLAB_SECRETS_OTP_KEY_BASE              value: long-and-random-alpha-numeric-string            - name: GITLAB_HTTPS              value: 'true'          resources:            limits:              cpu: '4'              memory: 8Gi            requests:              cpu: '2'              memory: 4Gi          volumeMounts:            - name: data              mountPath: /home/git/data

Please help us to see what the problem is ?

What I want to achieve is pod Be able to function , And be able to /home/git/data Directory persistent storage

Refer to the answer 1:

This is usually because your storage side directory permissions are not enough , You can check .

Refer to the answer 2:

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