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How to figure out HTML5

2022-02-02 20:50:58 CSDN Q & A

Freshman just touched HTML5, It's not known what code is rewritten and where , Box model and css And I'm in a mess , Ask all the great gods to give me some new suggestions

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Here comes the little dance , Xiaowu answers for the third brother : First of all , We know html It's the foundation ,css It's decoration ,js Yes should be , So the third brother wants to understand html You need to know that it is a markup language first , The language of hypertext , Then it will be easier to learn , Need to remember commonly used labels , And nesting between tags , Suggest the third brother to b Station searching for dark horse html, Feel under pink The teacher's humor , And then summarize while watching , Although a little summary is troublesome , But Xiaowu believes , One day in the future , As long as the third brother persists , These are little things . in addition , There are also some common layouts of box models on my home page , I hope the third brother can adopt the preview , Come on with the little dance

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Code can only be accumulated and understood slowly , What the school teacher said in class was too simple , I suggest you go to B Stand and look for the teaching video , The explanations are quite detailed , Just practice more after reading . Generally, you can get started soon .

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Look at the teacher's presentation more . In fact, the trick is just those points , Trick 1 ,HTML and css It can be written in Notepad , Change the file suffix to HTML,css, Point save , double-click HTML You can see the effect from the file ,
Two , Using text editor ( So there are keywords and colors , There are incomplete keywords , Recommend to use notepad++, Support many programming languages ) The experience is much better , Then change the file suffix to HTML,css, double-click HTML You can see the effect from the file ,

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Just watch the video ,b There are many stations , You don't have to memorize , In the early stage, we mainly focus on understanding

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First have a look html Of Getting started video . Look again css Last js Of

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First, the next one on the Internet html Look at the project

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