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The problem of C language do while loop

2022-02-02 21:04:11 CSDN Q & A

#include<stdio.h>main()int i=20,n=0;do{    n++;    switch(i%4)    {  case 0: i=i-7; break;       case 1:       case 2:       case 3: i++; break;    }}while(i>0);printf("%d",n);}

Compiled by computer is 17, I'd like to know that I've got i The value is 4 When , At that time n The value of should not be 15 Do you , The value is 4 In time case0 The calculation for the -3, Exit loop , Go straight into while Judge true or false The result is a false output 15, I don't know why it's equal to 17 n++ It's not taking values first and then +1 Do you

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1,2,3 Can make i++

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