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H3C help me, you fool. I really didn't attend class

2022-02-02 21:27:48 CSDN Q & A

Vlan I didn't listen to that class , Went to the event training , I don't know how to do , Ask the boss for help ! Please.



The first question is : according to IP Configure its corresponding address in the address planning table IP Address and modify the corresponding equipment name
vlan Set up :

The second question is : According to the address planning table , Respectively in SW1、SW2、SW3 Create the corresponding vlan,
And release the corresponding information on the relevant link vlan

Third question : In order to reduce the internal broadcasting domain of the company ,OA Office and CW The finance department uses VLAN

Fourth question : Inside the company SW1、SW2、SW3 Use RSTP Carry out secondary damage , And put
SW1 As RSTP To ensure the redundancy of the link

Fifth question : stay RT1 Exit layout Easy-IP In the way of OA Office Internet Internet access
ask , And by defining ACL To guarantee CW Cannot be Internet visit , Use display check
notice NAT

Refer to the answer 1:

Who can help you if you are so lazy , Mapping question , A word is too lazy to write , Take a picture or oblique !

Refer to the answer 2:

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