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The linked list code in cFree can run, but the memory limit is exceeded when submitting

2022-02-02 22:22:59 CSDN Q & A

The phenomenon and background of the problem

Find out cfree The linked list code can run , However, a memory error was found when submitting to the platform , Help! !
requirement :
Enter a series of characters to -# As an end sign , Use tail interpolation to create linked list and store data , Then delete a new character in the specified position , And output the result

On the first line, enter a string , With # end
An integer p
Linked list all data ( Before deleting 、 After deleting ) One line each

The sample input
Sample output
a b c d e
a c d e

#include"stdio.h"#include"stdlib.h"typedef struct node{    char data;    struct node *next;}Node;Node * creatlink();void Dellink(Node *h,int p);void output(Node *h);void destroylink(Node *h);main(){    Node *head=NULL;    int p;    head = creatlink();     scanf("%d",&p);    output(head);                      Dellink(head,p);                     output(head);                      destroylink(head);                  }Node * creatlink(){   Node *head=NULL,*p,*q;   char ch;      head=(Node *)malloc(sizeof(Node));  // Create a header node , Do not store valid data     head->next=NULL;   q=head;   while(1)        // Create a linked list    {           scanf("%c",&ch);           if(ch!='#'){               p = (struct node*)malloc(sizeof(struct node));               p -> data = ch;               p -> next = NULL;               q -> next = p;               q = p;           }           else           break;   }   return head;}void Dellink(Node *h,int p){    Node *pfront,*pafter,*q;    pfront=h;    pafter=h;    int i;    for(i=0;i<p-1;i++){        q = pfront->next;        pfront = q;        }        for(i=0;i<p+1;i++){        q = pafter->next;        pafter = q;        }        pfront->next = pafter;         }void output(Node *h){    Node *p ;    p=h->next;    while(p){        printf("%c ",p->data);        p=p->next;    }    printf("\n");}void destroylink(Node *h){    Node *q;    while(h!=NULL)    {        q=h;        h=h->next;        free(q);    }}
Operation results and error reporting contents

cfree: nothing
campus OJ platform :Runtime Error:Segmentation fault

My solution ideas and tried methods
What I want to achieve

Refer to the answer 1:

This is not a memory overrun , This is a mistake
q = pafter->next;
pafter = q;
This is risky , What if the last node is deleted , It is not after ah , the last one pafter->next It will break down . You should check pafter Is it empty . If it is empty, it means that the last node to be deleted , Directly to pfront->next = NULL Okay .
in addition , For deleted nodes, you should also free It's in line with the style of your code

Refer to the answer 2:

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