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Oracle database startup failed. The data file header is damaged

2022-02-02 22:23:01 CSDN Q & A

The phenomenon and background of the problem

Visualization tools connect oracle Database failure , Use... In the back sqlplus The command operation .

First, I used :
sqlplus /nolog
conn /as sysdba
shutdown immediate;
After using the above command, an error is found :


According to the following information on the Internet , Back up first NNC_INDEX02.DBF file ,
Then perform :
alter database datafile 10 offline drop;
Then put the original NNC_INDEX02.DBF Delete , Then copy the backup ,
Re execution :
recover datafile 10;


Online also failed


My solution ideas and tried methods

I read a lot of information on the Internet today , I feel I can't find a solution , Not even online now

What I want to achieve

Go online and restore data files

Refer to the answer 1:

There was no way out , Only all user data can be exported , Reinstall the system and import the data into .

Refer to the answer 2:

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