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Problems about Jason object in Java front end

2022-02-02 22:40:30 CSDN Q & A

        List<SysDept> dept = deptService.selectCodeEmlNoList(param);        dept.forEach(sysDept -> {            if (sysDept!=null&&StringUtils.isNotBlank(sysDept.getOrgCusCode())){                JSONObject temp = new JSONObject();                temp.put("code",sysDept.getOrgCusCode());                temp.put("label",sysDept.getOrgCusCode());                temp.put("code1",sysDept.getOldOrgCusCode());                temp.put("label1",sysDept.getOldOrgCusCode());                objectList.add(temp);

You need to query two fields in the database Pass together to the front end Is there any way to put this together

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“” + ""

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have access to concat Function together , The sample code is as follows :

select concat(t.field1,t.field2) as f from table_name as t where 1 = 1;

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