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The complete link and operation method of tiktok draining to the website need to be effective

2022-02-02 22:44:42 CSDN Q & A

demand : Actual cases with data are needed to improve tiktok Measure the conversion rate of drainage to the product

present situation : At present, the test results are only 1% And unstable

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TikTok Qixin No , You must have a number , First turn on the TikTok Before I recommend it to you 10 After watching this video , You can like it in moderation . Then use your free time every day to brush the video , The more time you spend brushing ,Tik Tok Officials will think the more active you are , When you swipe the video, you should locate according to the account you want to do , Try to brush relevant videos , in the course of time , The platform will more and more recommend you videos in this regard , Like it at the same time 、 Comment or follow someone else's account , If tiktok The new number has just been registered , After brushing for a while, I can't find the video related to the direction you want to do , Then you can go to the search bar and directly search the keywords of the direction video you want to do , After searching the video of the direction you want to do , Works you think are good , You can also like it appropriately 、 Comment on , Then you go to the home page and continue to brush Tik Tok Video recommended for you , Brush like this 3~5 Day tags will form ,Tik Tok The official system will recommend similar works to you , So your account will be vertical .

At the same time, prepare more at a time tiktok account number ( Used to filter accounts with high weight ), Every account needs to be prepared every day when it is first released 8-10 Article Video , When publishing a video, remember to bring a label related to the video , In this way, the tag attribute of the account is enhanced . The previous Monday must insist on publishing every day 8-10 Article works , The new number releases a message every more than ten minutes , Accounts with more than 10000 fans can lower the standard ), European and American release time is suggested after 8 p.m . Until you send out a hot video ( The playback volume is very high ). The video duration should be controlled within 15 In seconds , This can improve the completion rate of your video ( The shorter the video duration, the easier it is to watch ).

tiktok The algorithm is whether your video script is good or not , I'll give it to you first 500 Natural flow around , If the video data is good , Will continue to stream , Enter the next flow pool , So it's easy to explode ; But if the data is bad , Basically no more streaming ,tiktok The traffic given to you at the beginning is actually inaccurate , If the video script is not attractive , Many fans saw it but didn't like your video , Will row straight away . This situation tiktok The platform won't give you streaming , in the course of time , The amount of videos you post later will also be lower and lower . therefore , Video script is also very critical .

TikTok Drainage mode combined with independent station
1. Information flow advertising --> Click the boot button --> Independent station
2. Watch Video --> Go to the home page --> Click the home page Jump link --> Independent station
3. Watch Video --> Click on the Yellow shopping bag --> Independent station
4. Watch Video --> View comments --> Copy comment area link --> Independent station

There are just a few ways , No matter how you play , All change is the same , First of all, you have to register yourself TikTok The account acts as a flow port. Only when there is flow , There is traffic, no matter where it is imported .

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