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Spring boot project failed to introduce echarts

2022-02-03 01:07:28 CSDN Q & A

Spring Boot project , be-all js All in the same directory , In the same jsp Page in js, Others such as jQuery Of js Can identify success, introduce success , but echarts.js perhaps echarts.min.js Life and death cannot lead to , The project can run normally without error , But on the page, press F12 Console Tips in 404,Network Rigui js Report red 404, I tried all kinds of methods, but they didn't work , No tears to cry , Ask for advice ! Be deeply grateful !

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The file path is wrong .404 Namely url error . You put your A screenshot of the directory structure . And the introduced code Send it out and have a look

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resolved , Remind me upstairs , On the page F12 After entering the developer tool , Check Network in js Corresponding Request URL, Find out what to do js Indeed, the path is incomplete , After completion, the problem can be solved , thank you .

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