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Pycharm loads TTF font file and displays garbled code

2022-02-03 01:22:56 CSDN Q & A

pycharm load ttf The font file Show random code I would like to ask you how to solve



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Font files should be opened with specific files ,pycharm Is not supported , You can try
Font manager
Font preview tool (FontViewOK)
FontExpert( Font management software )
Font editor (TypeTool)

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import pandas as pd
from tqdm import tqdm
from fontTools.ttLib.ttFont import TTFont
from PIL import ImageFont, Image, ImageDraw
import os
import time

parse = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=" take ttf Convert font file to picture ")
parse.add_argument('-s', '--size', type=int, help=" The pixel size of the output picture ", default=128)
args = parse.parse_args(args=[])

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