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CDN fake domain name URL JS script

2022-02-03 01:41:35 CSDN Q & A

It is known that there are a large number of various in mobile phones Cdn For example, Alibaba cloud and so on
A mess of domain names and web sites byte 918kb Every
such as
But you can't open it by clicking in Or open websites that you don't use at all After half a year's study And similar information found on the website Web login record
So I wonder if I have installed online chat customer service software to chat
But if so Why cloud and fake domain names ?
Don't understand the principle Please ask the great gods to analyze
the second : Apple phones that haven't escaped from prison should be closed , How to hide the software background , Click to slide up and disappear . After that, both wechat and penguin can open the dialog box by clicking ( Opening in wechat is consistent with the wechat page , Similarly, penguins , And has a head ) And the phone can't find this software at all The only doubt is a foreign game Through Wukong test cloud download So is the chat box an embedded plug-in script installed on the game ?? What direction can be achieved ? Or front-end web pages can actually be through app Embedded ? I see with my own eyes every day and night , But because of Xiaobai , I really don't understand Be slandered and speechless For more than half a year, he was tortured and depressed Ask the great God to help save me Tell me the general principle is also OK Gratitude ! I wish the respondents peace and health .

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Is this evidence of cheating obtained before divorce ?
What games

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I probably know how This is a foreign instant messaging service provider , You can add a chat room or intelligent customer service function to your website , Should often
There will be an e-commerce platform or enterprise to use



After you sign up for an account , Through the above operation, you can add a chat room function to a pointed website , Then the logged in user , You can chat in this private chat room

This is a group that I see others integrate , However, it is generally the normal purpose of answering customer questions


I think maybe you misunderstood , It's possible that your other half is doing some entrepreneurial projects , Or join a community communication group , I don't think your idea is possible , Two people have a sincere exchange , Good luck , Hope to adopt

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