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Vue3 reports an error when using BPMN. The $PKG parameter is read-only

2022-02-03 02:24:39 CSDN Q & A

The phenomenon and background of the problem

vue3 Use bpmn Times wrong $pkg Parameter read only

this.definePackage(descriptor, descriptor.allTypes[descriptor.allTypes.length - 1].$pkg);

Operation results and error reporting contents
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: 'get' on proxy: property '$pkg' is a read-only and non-configurable data property on the proxy target but the proxy did not return its actual value (expected '#<Object>' but got '#<Object>')    at Proxy.Registry.getEffectiveDescriptor (index.esm.js:550)    at Proxy.Moddle.getType (index.esm.js:768)    at RootElementHandler.ElementHandler (index.esm.js:271)    at new RootElementHandler (index.esm.js:525)    at Reader.handler (index.esm.js:878)    at Proxy.BpmnModdle.fromXML (index.esm.js:44)    at Proxy.Viewer.importXML (Viewer.js:195)    at Proxy.initDiagram (VueBpmn.vue:74)    at Proxy.init (VueBpmn.vue:71)    at Proxy.mounted (VueBpmn.vue:45)
My solution ideas and tried methods
What I want to achieve

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