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Python installation BS4

2022-02-03 02:32:57 CSDN Q & A

Apple computer mac, Want to be in python Run in bs4, Try some good posts and still report an error , And remind me that pip2 You need to update , Is there anyone who can teach ignorant and full-text college students wwwwwwwwww, Also want to ask pip How to upgrade , Thank you thank you



Refer to the answer 1:

Your current python yes 2.x
You got bs4 The version is 4.10 I won't support it python 2.x

Two ways
1、 change to the use of sth. python 3.7 Above version
2、 Next bs4 4.9.3 edition

The first one is recommended , So that many subsequent libraries will not be used . in addition , Learn programming , I suggest you make up your English , Because I can't avoid making mistakes in the future .

If help , Please click to adopt .

Refer to the answer 2:

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