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Android 11 targetsdkversion 30 problem

2022-02-03 02:37:26 CSDN Q & A

targetSdkVersion 30 Package problem for

1、 Cannot be in App Create folders in places other than your own Is there any other way to solve this problem

2、file.listFiles(); The method Android 11 It's time consuming to get Pictured
Android11 following file.listFiles() Time


Android11 And above file.listFiles() Time


3、 give up file.listFiles() Method Use MediaStoreAPI File query however MediaStore Of files The library has not been updated For example, just put a song into the mobile phone Or through other App Put in a song And then through MediaStore To query the audio, you can't find the song just put in Use scanfile() scanning Android7.1.1 Test version scanfile() Cannot update

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