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What are some very useful functions provided by pod model?

2022-05-15 03:21:00Alibaba cloud Q & A

pod What are some very useful features provided by this model ?

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State information .Pod It will provide a standard interface to display the running status . for example , Are you ready to receive traffic , If you're ready to receive traffic , So from ingress Traffic can hit the micro service . If it's not working well , We can try to repair this container 、 Restart or delete , Even switch to another cell to run , It provides guarantee for the overall stability of microservices . Address service . every last pod There's a standardized DNS Address service , Can be addressed uniformly . In this way, the need for unification is exposed API Log 、 monitor 、 Tracking is very helpful , According to this DNS To access pod Observability information exposed , Easy and timely detection of runtime problems .

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