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Has anyone encountered the EMPTY_RESPONSE error?

2022-08-06 13:19:17segmentfault

1. For large files, the axios post formdata will be interrupted after more than a few tens of seconds, and it is not necessary, and the frequency of occurrence is high;
2. A certain interface is too slow, about 1 minute,It will also be interrupted, and the prompt is also EMPTY_RESPONSE;

Whether uploading or common interface, there is no problem with fast speed. The problem occurs when the request time is too long.

Other Answer 1:

It looks like a normal timeout, and the server has not returned a response within the specified time.

Check the timeout parameter of axios first, and then let the server check the timeout-related configuration on his side.

P.S. The timeout can be configured separately for a specific slow request interface, do not follow the global default.

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