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What are the main parts of the Dataphin labeling platform function module?

2022-11-24 15:33:57Alibaba Cloud Q&A

What are the main functions of Dataphin labeling platform?

Accept answer 1:

• Asset Market: Provide a unified asset portal for tag asset applicators. In the asset market, you can check the popularity of tags, get the latest information on tags, check tag distribution and blood relationship information, conduct tag tests, and count their offline and online applications..

• Workbench: Provide label asset builders with a workspace for label production and group processing. Views and behavior relationships can be defined on the workbench, and label and group processing logic configurations can be performed based on views, events, and behavior relationships.Complete asset development and release, and put it on the asset market.

• Asset application: provide multiple types of asset services for asset users, such as tag offline service, through batch tag query, output tag table to the downstream reporting system; real-time tag query, query tag value through online interface request.

• Event Center: Provides the definition and management capabilities of global real-time events, including event categories, event attributes, and event definitions, preparing for the development of real-time view definitions and real-time tags.

• Planning: Starting from business scenarios and demands, the planning module realizes asset market management, label system construction, entity and ID management, and makes preliminary design and planning for label development.

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