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What kind of company is Lingyang?

2022-11-24 15:34:51Alibaba Cloud Q&A

What kind of company is Lingyang?

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Lingyang is a DaaS company focusing on digital intelligence services for enterprises. It is integrated and upgraded from multiple departments such as Alibaba Group's data center, business center, customer service system, and supply chain service. It has accumulated Ali's digital practice over the past ten years.Its experience and capabilities are the complete, systematic, and product-oriented export of "Alibaba Best Practices".

Lingyang has in-depth industry insights, and a professional digital team provides consulting services on key issues in the digital transformation of enterprises. For data governance and analysis, marketing, sales, service, supply chain and other core business areas of enterprises, we have launchedIntelligent product matrix such as analysis cloud, marketing cloud, production and sales cloud, customer service cloud, and development cloud.Through continuous running service, build a customer success guarantee system to help enterprises achieve digital growth of multi-cloud and multi-platform.

Lingyang is committed to helping companies that are constantly seeking "new" to achieve all-round digitalization. So far, it has successfully served LVMH, Hyundai Doosan, Red Star Macalline, Xiaopeng Motors, Henkel, Robam, McDonald's, FAW Audi, Haidilao, Pao Mart and other companies' digital construction projects help customers bring breakthrough growth in terms of data assets, membership value, product efficiency, and customer experience.

The above content is excerpted from the "Building Enterprise-level Good Data (Dataphin Intelligent Data Construction and Governance White Paper)" e-book, click to download the full version.

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